Ubiquity Php framework. Very first look at #Ubiquity

installation and running and first look just awesome


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Ubiquity Php framework. Very first look at #Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a web application framework, inspired and respectful of php's logic.

In my free time I usually scroll into my github app and check recent project and tools related development. just see which repository is coming to my feed and if I feel any project looked interesting then I try it in my development environment.

Today I was scrolling and found Ubiquity php framework. it is a php rapid development framework. Very easy to setup and first look into the project only few command.

composer create-project phpmv/ubiquity-project firstProject
cd firstProject
vendor/bin/Ubiquity serve

Then go to your browser and type and you can check its default page and this page load really really fast. and it also have an admin section built in

So far I see its awesome and its very quick view of it. But I wish to create a real project with this framework soon.

Ubiquity is a web application framework, inspired and respectful of php's logic. Here are some features those are listed in their website but I believe there are lot of other things there too.

  • MVC design pattern

    Ubiquity implements MVC2 design pattern. The directory structure makes it easy to separate views, models and controllers.
  • Pretty URLs

    Ubiquity uses pretty URLs, built from the principle controller/action/{parameters...}. It is also possible to use the @route annotation or Route attribute.
  • Datas

    Models are Plain Old PHP Objects, only with members and accessors to them. Object relational mapping relies on member annotations or attributes. A Data Access Layer (DAO class) performs bidirectional transfer of data between the relational database and the domain layer (models).
  • Views

    Views are loaded from the controller, in a classic way. The controller optionally pass them the data. Twig is the default template engine.
  • Classes autoloading

    Ubiquity use PSR-4 composer autoloader. The root namespace of a project is anchored in the app/ folder.
  • Access control

    Access control to a controller can be performed using the isValid and onInvalidControl methods.

default index page

admin panel

Useful link github Youtube channel Guide Question

Thanks for your time and reading.

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